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Embrace the Community

“…This picture IS CrossFit. These guys are already finished with the WOD, but have gathered around to cheer on the last man standing. CrossFit isn't the weight you can deadlift or how fast you can do FRAN. CrossFit is the community and family-like relationships that are built on a daily basis.”

This pic and caption was something I snapped September 3rd of 2013. Most of you reading this have no idea where this even is, or who the gentlemen are in the picture but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the essence of this photo and what it represents. As I previously stated, THIS is CrossFit, giving it your all and then cheering until the last person is finished.

I want to preface the following with this; I am as guilty as anyone with what I am about to talk about, so this is not a slam at any particular person or group, but a call to all of us that make up our CrossFit Stamina community.

There was a time when a WOD finished, you and your equipment had to stay where it was merely because there was no room to walk around or put stuff away. This created something that still shows its lasting effects today, in beautiful relationships inside and outside of the box.

However, somewhere in the growth, expansion and fast paced life we all live, this has slowly deteriorated. Now there seems to be a WOD after the WOD to see who can clean their equipment, put it back and get out the door to their car first.

A few reasons I bring this up.

  1. It is dangerous to be putting away equipment while others are still working.

  2. It can be demoralizing to others to see you cleaning up and they are only on round 3 of 5.

  3. Nothing builds community and relationships more than suffering alongside one another until the last rep.

Here is my challenge for all of us; leave your shake in the fridge, let the equipment marinate in your chalk, sweat, (sometimes tears) and gather around the last person standing. Cheer them on, encourage them to do 1 more rep, and be with them until they finish. You don't have to be loud in their face, just your presence can be the extra push someone needs. You will be amazed not only for what it does for the person working to complete their workout, but also for you. Giving your time to show genuine care for others will make you a happier person building long lasting relationships.

-Coach Andrew

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