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Article 8: 9 Tips for being successful at CrossFit Stamina

1) Be consistent- Plan to be here. Make your daily time at the box like any other appointment you have going for that day. Hold yourself accountable and make it happen.

2) Make friends- Not only is having friends a vital part of our social health and wellness, but having other friends inside of the box will help hold you accountable to being consistent (point #1).

3) Nutrition- “You can never outrun a bad diet”. No matter how hard you work in the box it won’t matter if you make poor food choices constantly. Make a commitment to yourself to put quality foods in your body. If this is hard for you, use the 70/30 rule. Eat quality food 70% of the time and 30% not so much.

4) Check your ego at the door- Be willing to scale WODs according to your ability. Yes, you may be able to do that movement, but should you be doing that RX weight? Can you maintain proper and consistent form? Can you maintain the target intensity? These are all questions you should ask yourself before a workout.

5) Be Coachable- Along with checking your ego for your own mind, be open to critiquing and scaling options from your coaches. We want nothing more than for you to be safe and to be successful.

6) Have a plan- Check out the WOD before you come in. Workouts are available at:, and on the Z Planner App (available for CrossFit Stamina members). Have a “Plan A” for the weights you would like to move for a strength WOD, or a target time you would want to finish a conditioning WOD. Note: when the WOD begins, be willing to adapt and overcome.

7) Track your WODs- Having a workout log, book or notepad on your phone is vital. (The Z Planner is an easy and perfect application for tracking your progress. For all CrossFit Stamina members, click on the workout module found on the left side of the Z screen and scroll down to the workout of the day until you get to the end of the workout. You’ll notice the ‘Log Results’ tab. Click on the tab, jot it down and save.) We all seek to progress and not REgress, and tracking your workouts allows you the opportunity to flip back and reference what you did four-weeks ago and compare that to what you’ll do four-weeks from now and so forth. Without having it written down, you will never know for sure where you should be, or what you should be doing.

8) Recover- Try to get a good night’s rest (6+ hours) , eat quality food, drink water, take a rest day when needed and enjoy life OUTSIDE of the box .

9) Have fun embrace the hard days- There are going to be days you love, and days you absolutely despise. DO NOT MISS the days you don’t like. Change will only occur when you step out of your comfort zone.

“The hardest part is walking through the door.”

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