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Athlete of the Month: Noemi Charles

Name: Noemi Charles

Age: 39

Profession: Instructional assistant in the resource and inclusion department at HCISD

Hobbies: Going to the movies and reading

1) What is your feeling on being selected athlete of the month?

I was very surprised at first. I still am, but I also feel very honored.

2) When did you join CrossFit Stamina?

I joined CrossFit Stamina in February of 2013.

3) What was you reason for joining CrossFit Stamina?

I joined because I knew I needed to start paying attention to my physical health. I had three major health issues I was dealing with. Two of them are completely gone and the third has improved tremendously.

4) How did you hear about CrossFit Stamina?

I heard about CrossFit Stamina when my first box closed down. Coach Jacob and Jennifer welcomed us with arms wide open.

5) What is your favorite workout/CrossFit movement(s)?

My favorite CrossFit movements are the Push Jerk and Sled Push.

6) What is your least favorite workout/movement(s)?

My least favorite movement is a thruster.

7) What activities were you involved in before CrossFit?

I wasn't involved in any physical activity.

8) What goals did you set yourself to achieve before starting here at CrossFit Stamina?

The goal I set before starting CrossFit Stamina was to be consistent and not quit.

9) Do you have any current goals? (Short term/long term)

My current goal is to do 20 unbroken wall ball (WB) shots.

10) Have you achieved any of the goals set? If so, which and how do you feel about that victory(ies)?

A goal I have achieved was to break 130lbs on my front squat. I did it and hit 150. I feel super excited about that because I know it can only get better!

11) What piece of advice would you give to someone interested in joining here at CrossFit Stamina?

The advice I would give to anyone interested in joining CrossFit Stamina would be this: CrossFit can be scaled and modified to meet ANYONE wherever they may be physically. Come with your fears and concerns and just let it happen. Trust the coaches and respect the process.

12) Tell us one special memory you can recall encountering here at CrossFit Stamina?

One of my favorite memories was one winter day as we were warming up Dancing Queen came up on the playlist and almost everyone stopped what they were doing and started singing and dancing. It was great!

13) Has CrossFit Stamina affected your life in a positive manner? If so, how?

CrossFit Stamina has definitely affected my life in a positive way. It has taught me to accept the reality of my weaknesses but empowered me to turn them into strengths.

14) What is your favorite cheat meal(s)?

My favorite cheat meal is boneless wings and fried pickles with a Big Red from Wing Barn.

15) If you could have one super power, what would that be and why?

If I could have any super power it would be the ability to fly. I'd use it during running wods. Lol

16) What is the best piece of advice you've been given here at Stamina? And how has that advice helped you as an individual?

The best advice I've been given here at Stamina has been to breathe. When you breathe every part of whatever movement you are doing will fall into place. As an individual, breathing has also taught me to focus. I use this advice inside the box and in everyday situations.

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