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Article 3: WOD Approach

In my opinion, getting through a workout or workout of the day (WOD) is a lot more mental than physical. Here are some tips that I have found have helped me get through the daily workout grind to achieve success.

1. Don’t let the WOD influence you- good or bad.

Keep a level mindset. What I mean by this is don’t check out because there is a movement or two that you don’t like, or can’t do efficiently. Conversely, try to stay away from thinking “Oh that doesn’t look that bad”. Either way of thinking can hurt your focus and whole demeanor.

2. Make a plan

Look at the work at hand and have an idea of the weight you want to use, or time you can complete the work in. Personally, I treat every workout like a chipper, whether it be a 5-minute AMRAP, 15-min EMOM or 30-minute Hero WOD. I break up the rounds or movements in my head, finish the task at hand then move on to the next.

3. Check your ego and DON’T CHASE THE WHITEBOARD.

Scale your workout if needed, and don’t care about what others are doing or did- work hard for you. “I want to have an idea of how fast I should be completing the workout” isn’t an excuse. Ask your coach, they will tell you the intended time frame.

4. Embrace something you don’t like

Challenge yourself not to be discouraged by a movement or whole workout you don’t usually fare well with as a time to get out of your comfort zone and get better.

5. Have confidence

Believe in your abilities, and your plan (point #2). If you don’t believe you, no one else will either.

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